Monday, August 23, 2004

“Living with the IS not the SHOULD BE”

I read this phrase in a book the other night and the essence of the statement resonated with truth deep in my being.

We need to accept the IS in our lives, and not let regrets or anger about the SHOULD BE situations paralyse us and cause us to waste one more day on regrets.

I don't know what your should's sound like but whatever they are -

This person shouldn’t have died.
I shouldn’t be sick.
That person shouldn’t have left me.
I should have gotten that promotion
My child should be doing this with her life, not that.

Wishing and hoping and complaining will not change one thing. We need to look at the IS, change what we can, then leave the rest and move forward into the next minute of our lives. Tell yourself the truth and move forward.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I have been reading the JOY DIET by Martha Beck, and it is slow going, but well worth the effort. I am still trying to master the first “step” of this diet though, and that is to do nothing for 15 minutes each day. Have you any idea how hard that is? Try it. Wipe your mind blank and do nothing. It is really difficult.

Anyway, reading this book lead me to look into some methods of meditation and relaxation. In my search for a way to clear my mind and be quiet, so I could hear that still small voice of God over the roar of my busy life, I found one powerful phase that has helped me immensely, not only in meditating but in my life.

With each breath I take, I can start over again.

Wow, each breath gives me a fresh new start at life, creativity, forgiveness, service, – whatever I desire to do with my life. Each breath gives me a chance to start all over again and begin anew with my hopes, dreams, and passions. It is never to late to become what I might have been and the best time to start is right now, right here. Not wait until I am where I hope to be, or all the should’s are in place, but where I am right now, smack dab in the middle of all the is’s.

Ok, try it with me. Draw the air deep into your lungs and take a fresh new step into the rest of your life. Oh oh, after 10 inhalations you failed to move in a direction you wanted to? Take another breath and start all over again. Each breath is a new beginning, and a chance to start again. Don’t waste even one on regret.

Ready, set – GO!

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Bloody brilliant!