Saturday, August 21, 2004

Heart Sunshine

I awoke early this morning and rolled out of bed to catch the magic of those quiet moments before the day really begins. As I sit here and write now, the house is quiet and cool – just the way I like it, and the world seemes fresh and bright and peaceful. A brand new day, with no mistakes in it, spreads out before me and I wonder what life will write on this crisp clean page for me today.

I love this time in the morning when the rest of the world seems to be asleep and I am alone to greet the day in this calm thoughtful way. I can hear birds talking to the morning outside, and the wind is playing a game of “catch me if you can” with the wind chimes hanging on the back deck, but these sounds belong and fit into the quiet early morning symphony all around me. Such sweet music.

When I padded down to the kitchen, in my bare feet, to make coffee and feed the cat this morning, I was surprised to learn that it was actually too cold for bare feet, and I could have used a housecoat too. Brrr. The sun is shining now, but the air is cool and has the touch of autumn in it. Where has the summer gone?

We had company over for afternoon tea on the back deck yesterday and although the weatherman called for sunshine with a few cloudy periods, we had total cloud and a pesky raindrop or two. Drat! We huddled closer together under the “sun” umbrella and refused to move our party inside though. We drank hot tea, out of fine china teacups, and that warmed us up, even if the sun wouldn’t make an appearance to do so. We looked at wedding pictures and talked about vacations, families and plans for the fall. The warm circle of friendship lit up the dull, dreary weather conditions and we happily made our own sunshine under the sun umbrella and basked in the warmth of it. Good friends do that don’t they? Brighten any situation, and warm our hearts. They make the hard times easier to bear and the good times even better.

Why don't you call a friend and generate some heart sunshine of you own today!! It is good for what ails you, and you won't even need sunscreen. Shine on!


Lynn said...

Your Blog is very well written and evocative. It is quite refreshing.

Alianora said...

I agree with you about friends bringing warmth to our lives. Over the past week I have been making extra time to spend with dear friends, we are normally too busy to take the time to see one another but I put a stop to that right away. It's been very heartwarming for me to visit and joke with them, go over old photo albums and dream of the future with them...

I have just made plans to go see a dear friend who moved away 12 years ago. She's married now on the east coast with 3 young sons of her own, but we have been apart for half of our lives, so a visit is long overdue. I can afford it and am not tied in one particular spot with children of my own, so it makes more sense for me to travel to see her. I'm planning to go in Novamber sometime. I cannot wait!!

Lynn said...

Thanks for saying hello. I've bookmarked your Blog and look forward to the other things you will write there.