Wednesday, February 10, 2016

JJ likes to help in the kitchen

I think one of JJ's favorite foods is mashed potatoes, so when he is at our house for supper, I try to put them on the menu.  After school one day I asked him if he would like to help make the mashed potatoes and he eagerly said yes.
Buppa is the official potato peeler in our house, so the boys set to the task together.
Hard at work
His hands are still to little to handle the peeler easily, so while Buppa did most of the peeling, JJ moved on to the next step in the process - chopping them up to make them ready for the pot.
Once Buppa had the potato peeled, JJ cut them up in little pieces. 
Another good team in the kitchen

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MARY G said...

Hmm. May want to borrow him.