Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas Morning - 2015

We heard whispers around 6am, and were up shortly after that.
Even though we didn't have a chimney, Santa found his key by the front door, and made his way into the house to leave presents, an fill stockings. 

The kids checked out their stockings while the adults made coffee and eagerly gulped down the first few mouthfuls.
Someone is sure bright eyed this morning

Pleased as punch!
The old folks snuggled on the couch and enjoyed all the excitement in the air.
Christmas morning smile
Beyond smiling.

Both kids got new tablets for Christmas, and Dani is more than a little pleased with that. 
Hugs for Mommy.  They each made Mommy a sparkle wine glass for Christmas, and Mommy loved them.
Pretty huh?

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