Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Back to school

I know I am a bit late with first day of school pics, but I seem to have a real backlog to sort through.
This 3rd Grade girl is all smiles about going back to school
JJ is all set for 1st Grade even though he had a few butterflies about the first day.
Hugs for Amma
Hugs for Buppa

Mommy gets in on the act too.
And so we begin another year.  Zoom, zoom, zoom....


Mary Gilmour said...

I have an album of my daughters as kids, with a section of 1st day back photos. I have promised not to blackmail them with some of the shots of hair and clothing that now freaks them out, but they sure are a good memory, and a good 'how they grew' record.
Your grandkids have wonderful smiles, even if JJ's is a bit tentative.

Lorna said...

As I've told John, you, as a family, are incredibly photogenically-admirable.