Friday, September 05, 2014

Buppa's Birthday Party - 2014

We gathered at the kid's house for Buppa's birthday last weekend, and hilarity ensued.  Before we left the house we received a phone call informing us that this would be the best party ever.  When we arrived the kids were in JJ's room plotting a big surprise.
JJ came out in full costume, and thought we should all wear costumes too.  It was a very hot day, so I declined to get dressed up, and JJ was OK with that.
Dani thought Buppa should add a few things to his duds for the day, so she gave him a flowered hat and lei.
Time to open gifts and share hugs
These kids are so serious and sedate!
Dani thought she should add a special little something to her outfit, so Buppa fashioned a hat out of wrapping paper for her to wear.
Cute huh?
JJ's turn in the hat.
After the gifts were opened the action moved over to Amma's side of the room, and the kids had to show me what they wanted in the Christmas Wish book that arrived that week.
I think they had something marked on every page.
Cake with candles and the singing of happy birthday is always a highlight for the kids.
Don't know what is going on here, but I think Dani is giving Buppa some wise advice.
JJ thought he should be allowed to take a picture of Amma.
After all the fun and festivities, it was time for bed,  and after teeth were brushed and jammies on, Buppa was called on for a story
This was JJ's pick for a story.
Kids were soon tucked snuggly into beds, and we were on our way home to our beds too.  Lots of special memories were made to brighten the years ahead. 


Regenia said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like Danica's and JJ's Buppa could have had a career in millinery had he not chosen education.

MARY G said...

Lovely fun. Good thing the cake did not melt, eh?

Bernie said...

I have missed your post Sue as you always have great pictures, I do visit your blog once in awhile though. How is your hip? xo

Cuppa said...

Regenia - That was quite a neat hat wasn't it?

Mary - We had quite a fire going with all the candles, but the cake held up.

Bernie - Thanks for dropping by. It is always nice to "see" you. My hip is still yelling at me from time to time, so I went to see the doctor this week, and she sent me for xrays to see if we can pinpoint the problem. Onward and forward into this thing called "old age". fun, fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you did indeed have a fantastic party weekend. :) The pictures are great. There's a lot of love in them.

Unknown said...

Sumtymz is great feeling to throw the birthday party for our dad like it is kids birthday party