Monday, August 11, 2014

Dragon Tea Society Meeting at the Mill of Kintail

We had a fun and fabulous weekend with company from Dundas.  We started off the fun weekend with a Dragon Tea Society meeting at the Mill of Kintail.  I am sure AC will have lots more pictures to share, but I captured a few on my handy dandy iPod.
Cousins all set for the Dragon Tea Society's first Ottawa Valley Chapter meeting.  Frances is the Dragon Mistress, and Danica is the Deputy Dragon Mistress.
Little brother JJ enjoyed the festivities too.
The tables and chairs were set up in a shady spot on the  lawn, and the Dragon Mistress set to work organizing the seating arrangements.
The Dragon Mistresses Mommy (AKA Andrea) sat in the shade keeping a close eye on things, with her camera at the ready.

I don't know what the Deputy Dragon Mistress was doing in the picture, but she was checking something out.

 I think the Deputy is taking a picture of the Mistress here.
Time to check out the pictures.
Attendees posing with their Dragons.
The Mistress and her Deputy made last minute adjustments to the seating arrangement while the rest of us visited
We were all seated, and tea was served.  What total fun.
After the Tea Party the Mistress and her Deputy posed with all the dragons.
The Mistress overseeing her realm. 
We are now looking forward to the Ajax chapter meeting.  Are you listening Auntie Heather? 


MARY G said...

Wondweful photos and story line! Thank you, chief caterer and dragon supervisor!

Mary said...

Aw, too cute. Looks like a really nice way to spend an afternoon.

Anonymous said...

So cute. I love the pictures.

Regenia said...

Oh my goodness! What total fun that looks like! I know you are supposed to be afraid of dragons. But those look so friendly and cute that I think I'd forget to be afraid and wood want to snuggle with them!