Monday, February 17, 2014

My most amazing sister

This past weekend my sister and her husband came for a visit. We explored the National Art Gallery, The Byward Market, Winterlude, The Wool Shop, Almonte, and of course spent lots of time visiting at home whilst drinking tea. 
Here we are enjoying a delicious cup of English Rose tea, in mom's teacups.  MMMMM good.  We both look like roly-poly bears in this picture, but we were wrapped up in big sweaters and afghans on this chilly February afternoon.
At one point during the weekend I stood behind my sister while she was sitting in the rocking chair, and I caught a glimpse of what she was working on.  Looks interesting doesn't it? 
What is that?  I asked her.  She explained that it is her visual journal, and she does this double page "artwork" each week to record her thoughts, dreams, lessons, favorite quotes, projects and activities that she thought about or came across over that past week.  At the end of every week, she has another amazing piece of art.
I asked if I could take pictures, and she happily obliged.  Each week is an amazing work of art, filled with free hand doodles, stickers, drawings, poems, quotes, etc.
Isn't this fabulous?
After I took pics of the full page, I tried to focus in on some close-up pics of her drawings.
Beyond words.
Even the page titles are works of art.
This is the page for projects she wants to complete this year.

Not only is this sister of mine an amazingly creative person, she is a very generous thoughtful soul too.  Tucked beside her in the chair she was sitting in was a gift bag full of treats for me.  

This is what I found inside...a new journal, stickers and special pens to get me started creating my own visual journal.

The blank page awaits....


Anvilcloud said...

It should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Can't wait to see some of your pages. Heather's journal is amazing. It reminds me of Sarah. They have such similar styles of creating! Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

- mary

Regenia said...

Oh wow! I have never seen anything more creative! Her journal is incredible! What artistic talent she has. And what a wonferful thing to share on your blog! Thank you and please tell your sister how much I enjoyed seeing her work. From the stylish way you dress, etc., you definitely arecreative as well.

I don't know how to do it, but I wanted to attach a picture of my mother's rea cups. I have them on a tray on my dining room table. I have wanted ti do so since you posted about them a while back.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - I will pass along your comments to my sister. Her art work is absolutely amazing isn't it?
I look forward to seeing your mom's teacups. They are all works of art too. Let's plan an across the miles tea party. We can set a time and date, then make tea and sip it from our mom's teacups at the same time. Our thoughts can meet in the air across the miles.

Lorna said...

your sister makes the most beautiful seahorses ever. I am astounded that creativity exists all over your family, she said enviously

Regenia said...

What a great idea, Sue! As soon as I can I will send a picture of the tea cups.

Cuppa said...

Regenia - OK, let's set a date and time. I'll get AC to take a picture of my "across-the-miles" tea party, and send it to you after the fact. Almost any weekend time is good for me. Do we have a time difference between your location and mine? If so, we have to co-ordinate that so we are both sitting down at the same time even if the clock says something different.