Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas morning

Christmas morning arrived bright and early, and excitement ruled supreme.  JJ had been up sick in the night, but that didn't dampen his enthusiasm a bit.  This was the first present on the top of his stocking, and he was soooo eager to open it.  He had to wait for the adults to get their coffee though, and the wait seemed endless I am sure.  
I want to open it NOW!
Soon everyone had a drink and were settled comfortably in their seats... let the opening of stocking presents begin.
After the all the stocking presents were opened, and we were in the middle of a tissue paper and ribbon mess, it was time to go upstairs for breakfast.  After a slice of Wifesaver egg stratta, it was time to brew another cup of coffee and head downstairs to see what was in the presents under the tree.
This present had been under the tree all week, and it was the first one Danica wanted to open as it had been calling her name all week, but she wasn't allowed to poke it to see what it was.    I think she was very pleased when she opened it.
JJ also thought his present was totally cool. 
Grandmama was thrilled with her new laptop too.

I loved my sparkly new top...
...and Buppa thought his new hockey jersey was just the ticket.

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Anvilcloud said...

Haha. Brothers? I think maybe.