Wednesday, July 03, 2013

First day of swimming classes

Well, we survived the first day of Amma and Buppa's summer camp.  Only 8 more to go, but who's counting?

The kids are signed up for swimming classes every morning for the next two weeks, and it is a fun way to spend the morning with them.  Hilarity reigns in the change room after class getting them showered and changed, but somehow we get them dried off, changed and all our gear gathered together to the ride home.
Danica still has tubes in her ears, so she has to wear special ear plugs and headband to keep her ears dry, but she doesn't mind the extra gear and it doesn't hamper her style at all.  She jumped right in and had a smile on her face doing the front dog paddle...
...and the back float.
JJ was eager to get started in his pre-school class.  He was the smallest one, but joined right in enthusiastically with the other kids in the class.
He still needed lots of help from his teachers, and they were happy to oblige.
Danica looked forward to jumping off the small diving board
But she had a bit of a struggle getting to the side, so the teacher quickly jumped in to help her.

All in all a good morning.  We thought we would take a picnic lunch to the park after the class, but cold temps moved in this morning and kept us at home.  Maybe tomorrow we will make it to the park for a picnic. 

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