Thursday, August 18, 2011

Herding chickens!

Yes, our walk the other day was just like trying to herd chickens. That's the picture that kept popping into my head anyway. Let me explain. One day last week the kids were playing at the front of the house when a very nice neighbour came out of her house to walk her dogs. Smudge and JJ ran up to her to say hello and asked if they could help walk the dogs. This very nice, patient and kind neighbour graciously said yes, so we all set off on our adventure. Smudge holding one leash, and JJ holding the other.
We only went around the block, but it seemed much further than that...
as Kind Neighbour and I tried to keep kids and dogs off the grass, away from the road, and leashes tightly clasped in little hands. We were tripping over kids, dogs and leashes the whole walk.
Please note - Smudge got herself dressed on this particular day, and insisted on wearing her plaid coat with her striped pants. Buppa nor I had anything to do with the wardrobe, dear Mommy. She was happy and comfy and looked rather colourful and spiffy I must say. The perfect outfit for our dog walking/chicken herding adventure.

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Lorna said...

That girl is a trendsetter