Thursday, November 25, 2010


The Impy-Doodle has one fabulous head of hair, but Mommy thought it was time for his first hair cut, so the appointment was made for this week. I don't think Jboy was he was thrilled about the idea.
I took the picture below just before we left for Goobers Hair Salon and the big event. As you can see, his bangs don't have much curl, but the sides and back cascade with tight ringlets. Hmmm, what kind of cut to ask for?
We arrived at Goobers and big sister went first to show Jboy how it was done. Amma helped too.
Look JJ, you do it like this. First of all, chin down...
then look straight ahead, and keep as still as you can.
Jboy wasn't interested in the hair cut at all, he just wanted to ride in the fancy cars. Zoom! Zoom!
After some discussion between Mommy and the hairdresser...
Jboy's hair was sprayed with water...
and the golden curls began hitting the floor. Sigh!
As you can see, lots were left on his cute little head at the end of the cut though.
I'll try to get finished product pics to post tomorrow.


Lorna said...

Looks gorgeous so far

Bernie said...

I knew the time was coming but I loved this little one's curls, am anxious to see the end result. The kids seem to be so good while having hair cuts.....:-)Hugs

D3 said...

Woah....I wish I could get my hair cut at a place like that!!!