Friday, July 09, 2004

I love a Sunny Day

Well, yesterday was a wonderful rainy day, and today we have sunshine. Balance and time to enjoy both is the key isn’t it? It was really nice to hibernate inside yesterday morning and write, but it was also nice to get outside on the back deck this morning and have my coffee out there and watch the sparrows busy at work in the bird house. I think there is a young family in there, so mom and dad are quite busy these days.

After I finished my coffee I swept the deck, dusted the patio furniture and then picked up my basket and clippers and walked around the garden dead heading the roses. What a pleasant way to spend a sunny summer morning, especially after the rainy one yesterday. Everything looked fresh and clean and well watered. A very happy garden indeed.

The other morning I sat out on the back deck and the crows put on quite a show for me. All was quiet and still, when all of a sudden a huge crow swooped overhead, making the most awful racket. I jumped and looked up. He flew into the neighbours yard and crashed right into the top of the old majestic maple tree. I heard the thwap as he hit the branches, but he didn’t land. He just gave the top of the tree a tremendous wallop and continued to fly on. All the while screeching at the top of his voice. If you call it a voice in a bird. What do they have anyway? Hmmm? Screetching at the top of his lungs???? That doesn't sound right either. Yes, I guess it is a voice. Anyway, he was making lots of noise.

As I watched these antics, another crow came thundering into view and flew at the same tree from a different angle. He too, hit the top of the tree at full force, and I could hear the resounding crash even though I was sitting two yards over. He didn’t land either, just continued to fly and screech.

I sat transfixed and wondered what they heck was going on. I continued to look at the tree and I am glad that I did, because a few seconds after the second crow hit it, a third crow’s head came poking out of the tree, right where the other two had made impact. He stuck his head out, looked around, and flew off after the other two, screeching and cawing all the way.

Now, he was in the top of an old tree, two yards over, so I couldn’t quite tell if he looked sleepy or not. I will never know if he had overslept, and his friends had to drop by on the way to work to give him a wake up call, or if they were playing a game of hide and seek and they found his hiding spot and had to tag him and then race each other back to home base. It was quite entertaining whatever they were doing and I was glad I was out there to catch the action.

Nature is grand isn’t it? I hope you find some time to get outside today and look, really look, at the glorious world around you. It is better than any television program going. There is always some first run comedy or drama playing, and it is free even though it is priceless.

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